Web development

At INMAGIK we develop websites and web applications leveraging all the power and features of modern browsers. We build interfaces and interactive user experiences customizable at pixel level.

Static websites

Powered by HTML5
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We build static HTML5 websites, with focus on usability on all devices and maximizing the impact of your content.

Our webistes can be adaped to different needs and budges, also for graphic design that can be managed by us in collaboration with specialized graphic agencies and freelance designers, leverage templates available on the web, or with specifications and designs by our final clients.


Powered by Django
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INMAGIK offers custom CMS solutions that allow an autonomous management of content and website behavior, with a simple and effective interface and completely customizable frontend design.

Our CMS solutions allows to manage various kind of content, think of text, images, geographic information, and are build around the concept of a strong separation between the website programming and the user content.

Our approach aims to solve problems typical of platforms like Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla, due to complexity of administration interfaces, security and long term maintenance costs.

Web applications and software

Powered by Django, HTML5 and ES2015
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We build web based applications and web-based management software for handling data, workflows, we implement dashboard an control panels adaptable to many application fields.

Our applications can integrate document management features, CMS, charting, geographic information systems (GIS). We offer complete solutions o interfaces for existing systems.

Custom solutions

Powered by our tech and skills
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We build custom solutions using a wide range of technologies covering all needs of applications and web based backends systems.

Our solutions include: complete frontend-backend systems, REST APIs implementations, interfaces to SQL and NOSql databases, web solutions on embedded platforms, geographic data management, system integrations.

For web and graphic agencies

We collaborate with web agencies, graphics and communication studios for implementing dynamic appliacations and websites.

Contact us for a quotation and a feasibility study of your projects with our technologies and for exploring new features that you could offer to your clients. You can access our advanced skills and bring more value to your final customers.