Mobile apps

At INMAGIK we develop mobile apps with a focus on product quality and cost sustainability for our clients, by offering different solutions based on the latest technologies.

Native apps

Powered by React Native

We build mobile apps for iOS e Android platforms using React Native, a modern framework that allows developing mobile native apps in Javascript, with a common code base for both platforms.

This allows us to implement multi-platform apps with the best performance and native look and feel, limiting development, maintenance and upgrading costs in the short and long term.

Official React Native website

Hybrid apps

Powered by Ionic Framework

We develop hybrid mobile apps for iOS, Android e Windows Mobile platforms using Ionic Framework, a modern framework that allows multi platform app development with Javascript, HTML and Sass, with performances and look and feel very close to native, in particular on modern mobile devices.

Thanks to a common code base, speed and ease of development guaranteed by the usage of web components and technologies, this approach may be very interesting for projects with a limited budget, with the perfect compromise between cost, performance and features.

Official Ionic Framework website

Which technology should your choose?

If you want to build a mobile app contact us for a free advice on the technology you might use and for a feasibility study of your project.

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